Wealth Planning

“The choices we make dictate the lives we lead”
William Shakespeare

One of the challenges of life is the anticipation of change and the ability to understand what the future might hold for you and your loved ones. ALAF Capital always puts your personal situation and your needs first and foremost. ALAF Capital draws upon its agreements and partnerships with tier one leading Swiss and international banks to access a well-established network of specialists and providers who will advise you and support you in your long-term objectives and financial planning.

ALAF Capital’s offerings comprise the following:

  • Design of strategies and solutions focused on wealth planning
  • Long-term financial planning that can endure through market fluctuations
  • Creation of trusts, foundations, and accounts linked to wealth engineering
  • Financing, credit, and loans to optimize existing investment scenarios
  • Account and delegated portfolio management
  • Efficient processes for continuous monitoring of the increasingly complex regulatory environment worldwide