Discretionary Mandates

You are our focus.

ALAF Capital delivers customized investment strategies with the objective of enhancing performance through a personalized, comprehensive, and transparent approach. Our independence enables us to deploy sophisticated platforms to accommodate each client’s evolving financial aspirations and needs. You are the core of your discretionary mandate, and your tailor-made investment portfolio will revolve around your objectives, your financial obligations and needs, your time horizon, and your risk appetite. By entrusting ALAF Capital with a discretionary mandate, you can dedicate your time to your business and other interests while remaining assured that your desired degree of involvement will be respected throughout the process.

We will use quantitative and qualitative tools to ensure that our investment approach is based on sound and risk-calculated decisions.

Our robust and disciplined investment approach optimizes performance while mitigating risks seldom recognized by investors themselves.

Our main objective is to anticipate new trends and draw upon our market insights in providing a thoughtful, forward-driven strategy that will shape your future while embracing challenges as they occur. Our aim is to build long-term sustainable relationships built on trust and continuity and to accompany you and many generations to come with a dedication to your long-term interests.