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ALAF CAPITAL provides unparalleled depth and breadth of knowledge in Islamic finance and Shariah compliant comprehensive wealth management. ALAF offers a powerful combination of Islamic asset management, regulatory compliance expertise as well as on advising on Sharia compliance for various products spectrum. Our close collaboration with several Sharia scholars will give our clients effective and rigorous advice on receiving Sharia-sign-on and endorsements.

ALAF’s offerings covers the following:

  • Murabaha and reverse Murabaha (Islamic financing)
  • Sukouk
  • Shariah Compliant equities
  • Setting up Shariah Compliant financing solutions
  • Asset-backed transactions (Murabaha, Ijara, Istisna and Salam)
  • Profit Sharing transactions (Mudaraba and Musharakah)
  • ALAF will challenge your existing solution designs with our insight and experience and we guarantee that our deliverables will fully reflect your expectations and needs.